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Electrical testing and inspection of electrical 
installations in Berkshire.

Are you worried about your electrics ?
Do you think you need an electrical check ?

At Sonning Electrical Services we provide all
electrical testing services for domestic , 
commercial and industrial electrical installations 
all over the Southeast from our Reading base. 
We are fully qualified ELECSA contractors 
supplying first class electrical testing services

Services provided :

  • Portable Appliance testing (  pat testing  )
  • Periodic inspection reports
  • ELECSA certification
  • Emergency lighting test and repairs
  • Landlord certification 
  • Entertainment Licence Electrical Testing
  • Fire alarm and smoke alarm test and report
  • Security Alarm Testing and maintenance
  • Hard wire testing
  • Electrical installation condition report EICR

 We are  fully proficient in test and
 inspection and certification  in domestic ,
 commercial and industrial environments .
 Call us today and get your electricial wiring 
 tested to modern standards.
 Our free advice and recommendations will 
that you can provide a safe electrical 
and an electrical compliance 
 certificate to protect 
against damage to 
 property and safeguard 
employees and the 
 public .



Legal Requirements 

The law requires that all business 
owners, their directors,managers, 
employees and landlords comply 
with "The Electricity at Work 
Regulations". No system or part 
of it may give rise to danger during 
either normal operation 
or under fault conditions. 
Regulation 4(2) 
"All systems to be maintained so as 
to prevent, so far as is reasonably 
practicable, danger". 
"System" means the wiring of an 
electrical installation and everything 
connected to it. Regulation (29) states: 
"It shall be a defence for any person to 
prove that he took all reasonable steps 
and exercised all due diligence to avoid the commission of that offence" 
It is important to keep a record of 
installation certification and have all 
electrical systems checked and 
reported on periodically ,Sonning 
Electrical Services can advise on the 
frequency of periodic inspection reports .
See table below .

Duty holders are responsible for setting 
up testing, maintaining and monitoring 
the electrical system and equipment ,
during the periods between tests 
the system can be checked by unskilled 
people for faulty devices and wear and 
tear.Generally, the following test
intervals may be applied for guidance 
purposes : See
table below .


As a landlord it is your responsibility 
for the safety of your tenants . 
You must ensure all electrical 
requirements are met,these include 
the electrical installation ,
electrical appliances,electrical heating 
and electrical hot water systems .
A landlord must ensure the rented 
property meets legal requirements and 
should be checked every five years .
All electrical certification should be 
carried out by a registered electrician 
with such as ELECSA .
Landlord’s electrical certificates include : 
Periodic inspection reports and portable 
appliance testing (pat)
table below .

Type Of Installation

Routine Check sub-clause 2.1.4

Maximum peroid between inspections & testing as necessary

General Installations . .
Change of tenancy/10 years
1 Year
Change of tenancy/5 years
Educational Establishments
4 months
5 Years
1 Year
5 Years
1 Year
3 Years
Residential Accommodation
At change of occupancy/1 Year
5 Years
1 Year
5 Years
1 Year
5 Years
1 Year
5 Years
. . .
Buildings Open To The Public
4 Months
1 Year
Church Installations
1 Year
5 Years
Leisure Complexes
4 Months
1 Year
Places of Public Entertainment
4 Months
1 Year
Restaurants & Hotels
1 Year
5 Years
4 Months
1 Years
Public Houses
1 Year
5 Years
Village Halls/Community Centres
1 Year
5 Years
. . .
External Installations
Agricultural & Horicultural
1 Year
3 Years
1 Year
3 Years
Caravan Parks
6 Months
1 Year
Highway Power Supplies
As Convenient
6 Years
4 Months
1 Year
Fish Farms
4 Months
1 Year
. . .
Special Installations
Emergency Lighting
Daily/ Monthly
3 Years
Fire Alarms
Daily/ Monthly/Weekly
1 Year
1 Year
1 Year
Petrol Filling Stations
1 Year
1 Year
Construction Site Installations
3 Months
3 Months
*Recommendations taken from BS7671